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Our History

We started working on psychedelic access in Missouri in 2016, quietly organizing around the state.

In 2020, we did our first fundraising and public outreach.


In 2021, we introduced our first psychedelic access/decriminalization legislation with Missouri State Representative Michael Davis (R-Belton). We also hosted our first Psychedelic Freedom Conference in Columbia.


In 2022, Rep. Davis reintroduced his legislation, and Rep. Tony Lovasco (R-St. Charles) also introduced a psychedelic access bill, leading to hearings in the House Health & Mental Health Policy Committee and an Interim Committee on Veterans Mental Health & Suicide Prevention. We also hosted our second Psychedelic Freedom Conference in Columbia.


In 2023, Rep. Lovasco filed a bill creating a regulated psilocybin access program, and Rep. Dan Houx (R-Warrensburg) and State Senator Holly Thompson-Rehder filed legislation to fund psychedelic clinical research. A bill combining Rep. Lovasco’s & Rep. Houx’s legislation was unanimously approved in an initial perfection vote on the by the full Missouri House of Representatives. We also hosted our third set of Psychedelic Freedom Conferences in St. Louis & Kansas City, drawing nearly 300 people to both locations. We also started our first federal outreach to Missouri’s US Senators and Congressmen.

In 2024’s Legislative session:


We think there is a good chance we send a regulated psilocybin bill to the Governor

We are proposing significant state funding for psychedelic research

We’d like to introduce a comprehensive decriminalization bill

We’re planning on hosting 4 statewide outreach events — stay tuned for a January announcement!


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