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Elaine Brewer

Elaine is a 15yr military spouse. Her husband is a 20yr veteran of the Navy Special Operations community. After experiencing much trauma and loss within her husband’s military unit, she decided to shift her focus from her physical health background to incorporate mental health resilience as well. 

Elaine has testified extensively to legislative committees in support of Right to Try access for psychedelic medicine access. 


Dr. Joshua Siegel, MD/Phd

Dr. Siegel's professional interest is in developing and understanding novel fast-acting psychopharmacological agents to treat psychiatric illness. He is currently involved in neuroimaging studies of ketamine, psilocybin, allopregnanolone and similar molecules. This is the convergence of interests in systems neuroscience, neurotransmitters, synaptic plasticity, psychiatry and consciousness.

"I am fascinated by all levels of systems neuroscience. The only thing that excites me as much as being a part of the accelerating field of neuroscience is the prospect of using these advances to improve lives. I envision continuing to study neurotransmitter systems and novel psychopharmacology using tools that enable me to interrogate brain-wide circuit level effects."


Daniel Harkins

Daniel Harkins is a Marine Corps Veteran currently working as an ethnobotanist and mycologist while advocating for psychedelic reform in the state of MO. Daniel suffered from service related ptsd for several years after his departure from the military and was able to cure his trauma through the use of psychedelics, which created his desire to work within this field to help create access to any other veteran in need of alternative forms of treatment. In November of 2021, Daniel formed a business called Cultured Cultures LLC that currently sells mycology supplies and educates about psychedelic efficacy.


Eapen Thampy 

Eapen Thampy is a long time advocate and lobbyist. In 2016, Eapen began working with Army Veteran Matt Kahl (Veterans for Natural Rights) to start the psychedelic reform movement in Missouri. Since then, Eapen has worked extensively with lawmakers and political candidates to lay the groundwork for policy reform and legal psychedelic access.


Dr. Ginger Nicol

Dr. Ginger Nicol is a board-certified general and child psychiatrist, and her passion is helping both kids and adults with psychiatric disorders to have healthy bodies as well as healthy minds. She graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Journalism & Mass Communication, then obtained her medical degree from the University of Iowa as well. Not having had enough of the Midwest, she came to St. Louis to complete her general psychiatry and child psychiatry training. Following residency and fellowship, she completed a post-doctoral research program where she gained expertise in the study of obesity and related metabolic conditions like diabetes. Dr. Nicol is the lead investigator in an FDA clinical trial on psilocybin at Washington University in St. Louis.


Dr. Rahul Kapur

Rahul Kapur, MD, is a primary care provider specializing in family and hospital medicine. Dr. Kapur practices integrative medicine, a patient-centered approach focused on patients’ whole health – body, mind, and spirit.

An interest in biology, the human body and personal health led Dr. Kapur into medicine. The “privilege and honor” of patients allowing him in on their life stories over the years has made Dr. Kapur realize caring for patients is more than a job he enjoys – it’s his calling.

Dr. Kapur is a clinical facilitator in FDA approved trials of psilocybin and DMT in Overland Park, Kansas.

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