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Are Psychedelics The Solution To America's Opiate Crisis?

This past May, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced a 42M proposal to fund research into the psychedelic ibogaine as a tool to end opiate addiction in Kentucky. We were fortunate to be in attendance with Will Wisner & Tim Jensen from the Grunt Style Foundation, along with leaders from the Veterans Mental Health Leadership Coalition, who advocated on behalf of this proposal.

Today, we're releasing a short monograph on the subject of psychedelics as a solution to opiate addition, covering initial clinical research into psilocybin as well as the Kentucky ibogaine initiative. You can download and read this monograph here.

Those of you attending our October 21 Psychedelic Missouri Freedom Conference in St. Louis will have the opportunity to hear from a 2:30pm panel on Kentucky's Ibogaine Initiative.

2:30PM Kentucky's Ibogaine Initiative: A Psychedelic Medicine Solution to the Opiate Crisis?

Will Wisner, Executive Director, Grunt Style Foundation

Martin Smith, US Navy (Ret.); President, United Global Co-Opportunities

Adam Marr, Founder, Warrior Angels Foundation; Director of Operations, Veteran's Mental Health Leadership Coalition

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