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Missouri House Committee Publishes Report After Hearing Testimony on Psychedelic Medicine

This summer, the Missouri House Interim Committee on Veterans Mental Health & Suicide Prevention held a series of hearings to take public input. The Committee's purpose is to promulgate a report compiling public testimony and disseminate it to the entire House of Representatives prior to the start of the 2023 General Session. During the August 31 hearing, we organized a group of veteran advocates along with FDA trial facilitator Dr. Rahul Kapur to provide information on psychedelic medicine.

This past week the Committee published its report, which is available here.

On page 5, the Committee summarized our testimony thus:

Alternative medicine was also discussed during the hearing. It was stated that there are currently on-going FDA-approved studies in the State of Missouri as to whether non-tradition substances can treat mental illnesses. Veterans and military-connected individuals testified that these substances successfully treated a variety of behavioral health issues. These substances are currently illegal to be in possession in Missouri and these individuals testified to the burdens associated with using such substances, such as leaving the country. It was stated that these substances, while illegal in the State of Missouri, successfully treat mental illnesses and the state should consider legalizing these substances.

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