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Psilocybin Study & Access Legislation Advances in the Missouri House

Last Wednesday Missouri House Bill 1154 (sponsored by Rep. Dan Houx (R-Warrensburg) gained initial approval in the Missouri House of Representatives on an apparently unanimous voice vote.

Previously, HB 1154 had been voted "Do Pass" by the Missouri House Veterans Committee on a 11-0-1 vote, and then moved through a Rules Committee on a 10-0 vote.

Although the initial version of HB 1154 was specific to creating state funding for psychedelic clinical trials, Veterans Committee Chairman Dave Griffith put an agreement on the record that HB 1154 would be amended to include language from House Bill 869 promulgating access to psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy originally filed by Rep. Tony Lovasco (R-St. Charles). This amendment was made on the House floor last Wednesday, also by a voice vote. It includes language modifying Missouri's Right to Try statute allowing investigational drug manufacturers to manufacture psilocybin for patients diagnosed with a short list of qualifying conditions.

HB 1154 is next set for a brief hearing in the House Fiscal Review committee, and Rep. Houx has indicated he wants tighter guardrails on psilocybin access, indicating a second stop in a committee, likely Legislative Review, before a final vote by the full House of Representatives sends HB 1154 to the Missouri Senate.

A letter in support of HB 1154 from William Wisner, executive director of the Grunt Style Foundation, was also distributed to lawmakers prior to the Wednesday vote.

I have published a short policy paper with information regarding background and developments on federal and state psilocybin access, as well as information on clinical research into psilocybin titled "Psilocybin Assisted Psychotherapy in Missouri House Bill 1154" for download.

Further media coverage:

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