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Significant Gains for Psychedelic Medicine Access This Year In The Missouri General Assembly

2023 has so far been a banner year for the advancement of psychedelic medicine access in Missouri. After a series of committee hearings in the Missouri House in 2022, legislation for psilocybin access was filed in 2023 by State Representative Tony Lovasco (R-St. Charles) & legislation providing funding for further clinical trials was sponsored by State Representative Dan Houx (R-Warrensburg) and State Senator Holly Thompson-Rehder (R-Sikeston). In early April, the clinical research funding proposal, House Bill 1154, was amended to include Rep. Lovasco's psilocybin access language, and was perfected in an unanimous voice vote.

Subsequently, former Judge and current State Representative Dave Evans (R-West Plains) expressed concerns that "would legalize for everyone the growth and consumption of psychedelic ”medicinal” mushrooms in this state", prompting an effort to tighten up the access language in House Bill 1154, which was then recommitted to the perfection calendar.

Today, with 9 days left before the Missouri General Assembly adjourns for the year on May 12, we can say that we've made significant gains for psychedelic medicine access in 2023 and look forward to likely passage of a psychedelic access bill in 2024.

Check out this opinion editorial from the board of the Missourian in support of psyilocybin therapy, as well as this interview with State Representative Tara Peters (R-Rolla) on why she supports psilocybin access:

We are grateful for the consistent and vigorous advocacy of Tim Jensen & William Wisner from the Grunt Style Foundation, Elaine Brewer of the Humble Warrior Wellness Center, the St. Louis Psychedelic Society, and numerous other advocates who have worked with us to educate lawmakers.

Our Priorities: As rescheduling and approval of MDMA and psilocybin are likely by the US Food & Drug Administration in 2024, we hope to ensure access to botanical psilocybin and other psychedelics. Additionally, as these therapies come to market, there is a dearth of medical professionals that have been trained and certified to deliver these treatments and provide integration therapy - this is a significant gap that could hinder access independently.

Promising Development: Compass Pathways & MAPS have submitted a Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code for psychedelic therapy coding for medical billing. On approval, this should enable insurance reimbursement for FDA approved psychedelic therapy and enable access through the healthcare system.

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